What Is Homesteading

What is Homesteading?

Rhode Island Red RoosterIn today’s fast paced world the idea of living the simple life is far from most people’s ideas of what they want.  We live in a world where most people want to have the next and best thing.  The problem is we get stuck in a cycle where we have to work harder and stress more to get what we want only to want more.

So what is Homesteading then?  Is it somewhere you live?  Is it something you own?  Gretchen Stuppy Carlson from The Backyard Farming Connection say’s “A modern homestead is more than the place you live – it is a way of life.” This is the best way to explain homesteading today.  It is filled with emotions such as the excitement you feel when you find your first egg in the nesting boxes and when you hear the peeping coming from the eggs you are hatching.  It is filled with self-satisfaction after you step back and look at the new rabbit hutch you built or are cooking with the fruits and vegetables you grew from seeds.  It is the joy you feel when your spending time with your children teaching them how do things around the homestead and how things work.  These moments and feelings you get from homesteading can never be felt while working 40 plus hours in a building where you never get to see the outside.

While quitting your job to start homesteading may be out of the question for you, there are things you Rabbit nestingcan do no matter where you live and what your current life is like.  Now if you live in an apartment I wouldn’t recommend moving a herd of goats in but there are things you can do to become more self-sufficient.  In fact we actually were living in an apartment when we began our transition into the homesteading life.  Our apartment had a balcony where we grew herbs and different hot pepper plants.  We also started raising Tilapia in our spare bedroom and took our first stab at Aquaponics.  The point is no matter where you are there is something you can do.  If you are in a subdivision you may not be able to have a rooster but you may be allowed to have a couple hens.  If you were thinking of raising chickens for meat but chickens are not allowed in your area, look into rabbits.  There are numerous options out there so look around and find what fits you and your family.

After you decide you want to try the homesteading and become more self-sufficient sit down and create a plan.  What are all the areas you want to try?  What do you want to try first?  What is your vision for your future with homesteading?  Once your plan is in order pick an area to start with first.  You will want to become educated on that area and comfortable with everything that is required prior to expanding into a new area.  One mistake most commonly made by individuals new to homesteading is trying to do too much at once.  Remember you have your whole life.  Homesteading is not about the destination it is about the journey so enjoy the journey and good luck.


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