The Animals On Our Homestead

Kinder Goats

We here at Forever and Always Homestead started our Kinder Goat herd not long after starting our homesteading and goat raising venture.  The Kinder Goat is a newer breed and less known.  The Kinder Goat Breeders Association describes Kinder Goats as “the only true dual purpose goat bred to excel in both milk and meat production, the Kinder goat is ideal for the hobbyist, homesteader and goat enthusiast. The Kinder goats’ medium size (averaging 100-125 pounds) makes them easy to handle, and a safe choice for families and lone handlers, and their friendly personalities make them a joy to be around.”

We chose the Kinder Goat because we liked the idea they were a “true dual purpose goat” and of a more manageable size.  After doing further research we found that there are limited Kinder Goat breeders here in North Carolina.  Majority of the Kinder Goat breeders seem to be in the western states.  Since we believe this will be a true up and coming breed as more people learn about it and they become more popular on the east coast we chose to specialize in Kinder Goats.

If you are interested in purchasing Kinder Goats from the Forever and Always Homestead please check out The Market place for availability or visit our Contact Us page.

Our Chickens

Our first animals for our homestead were chickens like most people.  We started our chicken adventure by going to a chicken auction here in Johnston county and buying our first Rhode Island Red straight run chicks.  We currently have Rhode Island Reds, Easter Eggers and Buff Opringtons.  We have had some issues with predators and are currently building our flock back up.  We do incubate our own eggs and plan on selling straight run chicks locally in our area.  If you are interested in purchasing some straight run chicks from the Forever and Always Homestead please check out The Market place for availability.

Princess & Charming

Princess and Charming were our first experience with goats.  Princess and Charming are Pygmy and Saanen crosses.  When you look at them you can see more of the Pygmy in Charming and more of the Saanen in Princess.  We got them when they were less than a week old and bottle fed them in our home.  It was an amazing experience bottle feeding and raising these two.  While now we plan to concentrate our goat herd on Kinder Goats, these two will always be part of the family here at Forever and Always Homestead.

Our Livestock Guardian

Zeus is the protector of all the animals here at Forever and Always Homestead.  He is a Great Pyrenees and the most loving dog you could ever meet.  We actually think at times that Zeus thinks he is a goat.  We say this because he will get excited when we are bringing hay and other fresh cuttings for the goats.  He will actually try to eat the hay at times.  It is quite amusing. We have loved seeing all of our animals here at the homestead grow over time and look forward to seeing many more animals be born and grow here.

American Guinea Hogs

We chose the American Guinea Hog due to its smaller size, ability to forage and its meat quality.  Our goal with the American Guinea Hogs is to maintain a breeding trio (2 sows and one boar).  We will breed for both meat and breeding stock.  We will choose the best of the liters as future breeding stock for us or to be sold.  The remainder of the litters will be sold either as feeder pigs or raised here for meat.

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