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Forever and Always Homestead

Forever and Always Homestead was officially established in 2015 by Robert and Valerie Weaver in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Our journey into the homesteading life began several years prior to the establishment of our homestead.  While still living in our apartment and dreaming about someday moving into a house with a larger property we began to grow our own herbs and hot peppers on our balcony and raise tilapia in our guest bedroom.  In May 2014, a few months before Robert left his active duty military service, we bought our house on one and a half acres in Johnston County, NC in preparation for our new life.  It wasn't long after moving in we visited a local chicken auction where we purchased our first chickens and before we knew it we had rabbits and goats as well.  We topped it off with a few more goats and finally we needed something to protect our animals so we got "Zeus" our Great Pyrenees the protector of the homestead.  

It wasn't until 2015 we felt this life truly  was our calling and we decided we wanted to dedicate more time to taking our homestead to the next level.  It was then we decided to begin incubating and hatching chicks to sell along with building chicken tractors for the local area.  We also decided to specialize in Kinder Goats and become the fourth Kinder Goat Breeder in NC.  While these two areas are our main focus we also plan to breed and sell rabbits, build rabbit hutches and goat pens, and begin our blog appropriately called "The Journal" where we will record our journey and share the lessons we learn along the way.  We have loved the journey this path has taken us on and look forward to what the future will bring.

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