Homestead Update

Homestead Update August 15, 2016

What is new on the Homestead?

Well it has been sometime since we have given an update on our homesteading adventure here on our blog and a lot has happened.  We purchased our first animals, 9 Rhode Island Red chicks, for our homestead just over two years ago.  We now have 28 chickens, 5 ducks, 10 goats, 8 rabbits, and one Great Pyrenees.  We do have quite a few roosters we will be culling out here soon and one doeling we will be selling.  It is amazing how much we have grown over these two years.

Our ducks have grown!
mama and doeling
Princess and her doeling. This is the doeling we are going to sell.

We Started Milking!

So what else is new? Well we officially started milking Nala, our Kinder goat.  While we were excited about it she did not produce quite the amount of milk we were looking for.  In order to get the amount of milk we were really anticipating we decided to also add some Nubian does to our heard.  We figured we could breed them for more Nubians or with a Pygmy buck to make some 1st generation Kinder goats.  The Nubians we bought are a little older but were already in milk and great additions to our herd.  It wasn’t long after we brought our Nubians home we were overflowing with goat milk.  Our refrigerator was filled with half gallon jars full of milk as you can see in the picture below.  We quickly learned how to make cheese as well as made our first batch of soap and even made our first butter!  We have also started to freeze a lot of the milk so we can make ours soaps throughout the winter months when the goats are dried up.

Nubian Does
Our new Nubians – Skittles, Luna and Shadow
Goat milk soap
Making our first goat milk soap!
Goat milking
Milking Skittles
goat milk
That’s a lot of milk!

Our Garden Update

Our vegetable garden was not as big of a success as we wanted but we did get started last this year and have been extremely busy throughout the summer months.  Our herb garden on the other hand has really taken off this year.  We also planted 5 blueberry bushes, two apple trees and raspberries this year.  We know these will take some time but we did get some blueberries this year so hopefully next year will get a decent yield.  We have already began making our plans for next year.  One big change we will be making to our vegetable garden is that we will be using raised beds next year. This will give me the fall and winter months to get them built and ready for next spring.

Rosemary Lavender Basil

Future Goals for the Homestead

Lastly we sat down and really looked at the direction we want to go here on our homestead.  We decided we want to concentrate our efforts on our dairy goats and pursue soap making.  We love and have a true passion for working with our goats.  We hope one day to become licensed for other dairy products but right now we are happy with the milk they produce for us and we have the ability to use it for goat milk soaps to bring in some income for the homestead.  We also plan to sell our kids for additional money for the homestead.  As I said earlier it is truly amazing to see were have gone in such a short period her on the homestead.  We look forward to continuing this adventure and hope you follow us on our adventure.

As always we would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below or message us on our Contact Page.

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