Baby Season

It’s Baby Season On The Homestead!

Nothing says spring is here like flowers blooming and the arrival of babies on the homestead.  It has been an exciting couple of weeks here on the homestead. It feels like we have babies everywhere and we are so happy to see our homestead growing.  We currently have eleven chicks we hatched from the incubator, two ducklings we picked up from tractor supply, six bunnies, and two goat kids from our first time freshner.  We also have a test batch of duck eggs in the incubator now and are expecting them to hatch on the April 11th and we are hoping our other doe “Princess” is pregnant and will be due the beginning of June.

Our trees are blooming!

DogwoodWeeping cherry

The birds are hatching!

We are excited to begin our adventure with ducks on the homestead.  We were planning on hatching ducks eggs this year in our incubator and actually have a dozen test eggs in there now.  As is many peoples story we got sucked in when we were at tractor supply and came home with our first two ducks.  We have been amazed at how fast the ducks have grown in comparison to our chicks.  Below are pictures of our chicks and ducks which were hatched only a couple of days from each other.

Chicks and Ducklings

Duckling and chicks

And the baby goats (kids) are here!

While it is all exciting for us we are so thankful and love we had our first goat kids born on the homestead with no issues to our first time freshner “Nala.”  Nala gave birth to two kids, a buckling and doe, named “Chip” and “Belle.”  These goats are Kinder goats and are bred to be a dual-purpose goat.  We are looking forward to growing our Kinder herd this year and continuing to take our homestead to the next level.  Below are pictures of Nala with Chip and Belle.  Chip is the lighter colored kid.

Baby goat
Baby Goats

Chip, Belle and Nala

We have another successful litter of bunnies!

Our doe “Snow”  has had several successful liters.  While we are not sure of her and our buck “Jack’s” genetics we are always amazed at the bunnies they produce.  They are both black and white rabbits and have produced a multitude of different colors and even fur types.

Tiger bunny

Brown and white bunny

Black and white bunny

We will also be making a post of the actual goat birth.  We did not want to include those pictures in this one due to the graphic nature.  It was an amazing experience watching the birth and the kids first steps within minutes and would like to share that moment so please check back soon for that post.

As always we would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below or message us on our Contact Page.

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