Chicken Egg CSA

2017 Chicken and Egg CSA

Our Chicken and Egg CSA Forever And Always Homestead is offering a chicken and egg CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for 2017.   It will operate similar to a vegetable CSA simply instead of vegetable you will receive chicken and eggs.  If you are not familiar with a CSA it is where you are able purchase a […]

Self-Sufficiency Challenge

Self-Sufficiency Challenge

Our Challenge There have been many challenges posted over the internet recently and here at Forever and Always Homestead we want to make our own challenge to you.  We want to challenge you to take a step this year to becoming more self-sufficient.  So what do we want you to do you ask?  We want […]


What Is In-Store For 2017?

2016 was both exciting and humbling here on Forever And Always Homestead and has us excited about the new steps we are taking in 2017. If you are interested you can read more about 2016 in our Successes And Lessons Learned For 2016 post. So what is in-store for 2017? Our Market – So first […]

Successes and Lessons Learned 2016

Successes And Lessons Learned For 2016

We tried a lot new things here at Forever And Always Homestead in 2016.  As with anything new sometimes things go right and sometimes things go wrong.  Here we will go over some areas we really feel were a success and other areas were we learned some lessons.  We will start with some of the […]

Goat Milk Soap

Make Your Own Goat Milk Soap

Items Needed To Make Goat Milk Soap 13 Ounces -Goat Milk Soap – It is best if your goats milk soap is frozen to help prevent it from over heating while adding the lye. 15 Ounces – Olive Oil 12 Ounces – Coconut Oil 13 Ounces – Lard / Shortening 6 – Ounces – Lye […]