Chicken Cost

Why Does Our Chicken Cost More?

To understand why our chicken cost more than the chicken you find in your grocery store you have to understand how both our chickens and their chickens are raised.  Before I begin I want you to understand I am not here to bash the commercial farming industry.  I am simply detailing the equipment and processes […]

Baby Season

It’s Baby Season On The Homestead!

Nothing says spring is here like flowers blooming and the arrival of babies on the homestead.  It has been an exciting couple of weeks here on the homestead. It feels like we have babies everywhere and we are so happy to see our homestead growing.  We currently have eleven chicks we hatched from the incubator, two ducklings […]


We are now a licensed hatchery!

We are so excited to announce that Forever and Always Homestead is now a licensed chicken / duck hatchery, chick dealer and poultry dealer in the state of North Carolina. We have enjoyed hatching our chicks so much that we decided to take the next step with it so we decided to apply for our license. […]

Incubation and Lockdown

Incubation and the Lockdown

Are you thinking about hatching  your own eggs?  That’s great!  Incubating your own eggs can be a fun and exciting way to introduce new birds to your homestead.  It can also be a great learning experience for not only you but also your children, if you have children.  A quick side note – while you can […]