Baby Season

It’s Baby Season On The Homestead!

Nothing says spring is here like flowers blooming and the arrival of babies on the homestead.  It has been an exciting couple of weeks here on the homestead. It feels like we have babies everywhere and we are so happy to see our homestead growing.  We currently have eleven chicks we hatched from the incubator, two ducklings […]

Steamed Eggs

Perfect hard-boiled eggs without boiling!

Having your own chickens or ducks will supply you with the freshest eggs you can get.  We love having our fresh eggs every morning but we would run into a problem when it came to hard-boiled eggs.  The fresher the eggs the harder it would be to peel our hard-boiled eggs.  This problem doesn’t exist in […]

Homestead with craigslist

Homestead On A Budget With Craigslist

Homesteading on a budget can be difficult when you are trying to rush and get your homestead to the end result you have in mind. While Craigslist is no secret it can be a great tool for your toolbox when you are attempting to build your homestead on a small budget and can help make your dreams become a […]


The Homestead Library

The Homestead Library The Homestead Library is a short list of books that have helped us on our homesteading adventure.  This is far from all the books you will find throughout your homesteading journey but hopefully they will help you get started too! General Homesteading The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a […]

Self-reliance means not reliant on the lender

Self-Reliance Means Not Reliant On The Lender

Today more and more individuals are becoming interested in living a more self-reliant life. This makes it easy to find articles giving you advice about what vegetables to grow and how to grow them or how to raise animals for meat. You can even find articles on how to start making money from your self-reliant […]