Goat Milk Soap

Make Your Own Goat Milk Soap

Items Needed To Make Goat Milk Soap 13 Ounces -Goat Milk Soap – It is best if your goats milk soap is frozen to help prevent it from over heating while adding the lye. 15 Ounces – Olive Oil 12 Ounces – Coconut Oil 13 Ounces – Lard / Shortening 6 – Ounces – Lye […]

Goat House

Building Our New Goat House

Building Our New Goat House Here at Forever and Always Homestead we decided it was time to upgrade ours goats’ housing before the winter settles in here in North Carolina (not that we really have that bad of winters here).  Up until this point our goats were using a three-sided structure made up of some pallets.  It was […]