Goat House

Building Our New Goat House

Goat Shelter

Our original goat shelter. It wasn’t much but kept the rain off their heads.

Building Our New Goat House

Here at Forever and Always Homestead we decided it was time to upgrade ours goats’ housing before the winter settles in here in North Carolina (not that we really have that bad of winters here).  Up until this point our goats were using a three-sided structure made up of some pallets.  It was simple structure but allowed the goats to get out of the rain throughout the summer.  We wanted to give them a goat house which would block more of the elements throughout the winter as well as get them off the ground.  Our first step was to tear down the old shelter so we could start building the new goat house.

Goat House Frame

Building the framework for the goat house with our goat Charming helping and our dog Zeus supervising.

To build our new goat house we used wood from pallets we were using for the old shelter and other ones we had laying around (All the pallets we have we found on craigslist).  We also used the plywood that was being used as the roof on there old shelter for the floor of the new goat house.  We did have to purchase a few pieces of lumber  such as the pressure treated 4×4 we used for the legs and some studs to finish out the framework.



Goat House Frame

Finishing up the goat house framing with Charming still helping me

It was was difficult at times building the new goat house when there are so many animals that want to help out.  If we weren’t paying attention either one of the goats or our dog would try to walk off with the tools we were using.  It made us smile and kept us on our toes.

Once the framing was complete we started putting up the walls.  To put up the walls we broke down the pallets and used the wood pieces which we think turned out great.  It gave it that reclaimed wood look.  We still have to finish up the roof but it has come together nicely and the goats seem to really like it.

Goat House

Princess checking out her new goat house

The total investment into this goat house at this point sits right around $30. Please let us know what you think of our new goat house so far and we hope it gives somebody out there new ideas for their future project.

Goat House Approval

Here are our goats giving us the approval on their new goat house


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