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Forever and Always HomesteadForever & Always Homestead is family-owned hobby farm / homestead founded in 2015 by Robert and Valerie Weaver.  Forever & Always Homestead is located in Johnston County, North Carolina. We currently operate on an acre an a half of land here in Johnston County where we raise goats and specialize in Kinder Goats, Chickens, Rabbits, and our Great Pyrenees.  For more information about our animals check our Our Animals page.

We started our homestead because we wanted to become more self-sufficient and have a greater appreciation for what we have.  We also have the desire to help others become self sufficient whether it is through information found on this website or by the purchase of animals we raise.  For more information about our Vision and Values please visit Our Vision and Values page.


The Journal

The Journal is actually our Blog and where you will be able to follow our homesteading adventure and find lots of information about homesteading.  Whether you are brand new to the idea of homesteading or you are just looking for new ideas to take your homestead and self-sufficient life to the next level there will be something in there for you.  For more Journal / Blog entries visit The Journal.

Most Recent Journal Entries

  • Homestead Update August 15, 2016

    Homestead Update August 15, 2016

    What is new on the Homestead? Well it has been sometime since we have given an update on our homesteading adventure here on our blog and a lot has happened.  We purchased our first animals, 9 Rhode Island Red chicks, for our homestead just over two years ago.  We now have 28 chickens, 5 ducks, […]Read More »
  • Choosing Life Change

    Choosing Life Change

    Choosing to become a farmer and live a self-sufficient lifestyle was not the easiest decision I have ever made.  It was hard for me to accept this may be my calling or more importantly the lifestyle I should live.  As hard as it was to decide to choose this path for my life it would […]Read More »
  • It’s Baby Season On The Homestead!

    It’s Baby Season On The Homestead!

    Nothing says spring is here like flowers blooming and the arrival of babies on the homestead.  It has been an exciting couple of weeks here on the homestead. It feels like we have babies everywhere and we are so happy to see our homestead growing.  We currently have eleven chicks we hatched from the incubator, two ducklings […]Read More »
  • Perfect hard-boiled eggs without boiling!

    Perfect hard-boiled eggs without boiling!

    Having your own chickens or ducks will supply you with the freshest eggs you can get.  We love having our fresh eggs every morning but we would run into a problem when it came to hard-boiled eggs.  The fresher the eggs the harder it would be to peel our hard-boiled eggs.  This problem doesn’t exist in […]Read More »
  • We are now a licensed hatchery!

    We are now a licensed hatchery!

    We are so excited to announce that Forever and Always Homestead is now a licensed chicken / duck hatchery, chick dealer and poultry dealer in the state of North Carolina. We have enjoyed hatching our chicks so much that we decided to take the next step with it so we decided to apply for our license. […]Read More »
  • Homestead On A Budget With Craigslist

    Homestead On A Budget With Craigslist

    Homesteading on a budget can be difficult when you are trying to rush and get your homestead to the end result you have in mind. While Craigslist is no secret it can be a great tool for your toolbox when you are attempting to build your homestead on a small budget and can help make your dreams become a […]Read More »
  • Incubation and the Lockdown

    Incubation and the Lockdown

    Are you thinking about hatching  your own eggs?  That’s great!  Incubating your own eggs can be a fun and exciting way to introduce new birds to your homestead.  It can also be a great learning experience for not only you but also your children, if you have children.  A quick side note – while you can […]Read More »
  • Building Our New Goat House

    Building Our New Goat House

    Building Our New Goat House Here at Forever and Always Homestead we decided it was time to upgrade ours goats’ housing before the winter settles in here in North Carolina (not that we really have that bad of winters here).  Up until this point our goats were using a three-sided structure made up of some pallets.  It was […]Read More »